Hello, how can we assist you?

How do I log in as an employer?

You will first have to register on our portal as employer by filling in the fields on the “Registration” page and then proceed for signing in on “Login” page. As an employer, you will not be able to use LinkedIn and Google services to register and then login.

How do I log in as a candidate?

You will first have to register on our portal as a candidate by filling in the fields on the “Registration” page and then proceed for signing in on “Login” page. As a candidate, you can also use “LinkedIn” and “Google” services to register and then login.

How should I reset my password?

On the login page of the job portal, you will have to click on the “Forgot password? Click here to reset!” and follow the guided process.

What are the services available for an employer?

Two services that are available for an employer include subscription-based services, dedicated recruitment services and background verification services. While, subscription-based services, and background verification services are operated online, for the dedicated recruitment services by our recruiters you will have to reach out to our recruiters at sales@getjobsandskills.com

What are the services available for a candidate?

Two services that are currently available for a candidate include “Mock Interviews” and “Resume Building.” Both are operated online initially till payment and then offline.

Is my payment secured?

GETJOBSANDSKILLS ensures that every online transaction is conducted in a safe and secure environment. To achieve this, GETJOBSANDSKILLS is protected by Secured Socket Layer (SSL). If you have any additional queries or concerns, please email us at sales@getjobsandskills.com. We shall reply to you within two working days of raising any such request.

How will I gat the refund of my payments?

GETJOBSANDSKILLS is committed to a hassle-free online payment service for its clients. If the clients wish to cancel their orders or want a refund for any mutually agreeable purpose, GETJOBSANDSKILLS will initiate the refund within three working days of receiving the cancellation or refund request either online or offline. All refunds are processed by the method of payment used in the initial transaction, except in the case of cash payments where the refund is processed through cheque or online transfer. An e-mail confirmation of the refund amount will be sent to the email address given to us at the time of booking. Please note that it may take 3 – 14 days for the money to reflect in your account, depending on your bank, after the refund is initiated from our end. Refunds will also be governed by the third-party payment gateways.

How do I keep my banking details safe?

To protect yourself from falling victim to a fraud, it’s important to be very cautious with your personal information including your usernames and passwords. Here are tips on how to be better protected:

  • No bank or card issuer will contact you by email and ask you to enter all your personal and financial details online. If you receive a message like this, report it to your bank, then delete it.
  • If you get an email from an unknown source, do not open it, and do not click on any attachments.
  • Make sure that your anti-virus software is up to date.
  • Never follow the messages from anti-virus software you encounter whilst on the internet. Only follow the anti-virus instructions from the software you have installed on your computer.
  • Install an anti-phishing toolbar.
  • Always use a firewall.
  • Ensure that your software is up to date.
  • Know the common phishing language used in emails like “Verify your account.” Legitimate businesses will not send you an email to ask for your login information or sensitive personal information.
  • Warnings that your account has been compromised, for example, are a common way to lure victims. Again, contact us directly to inquire about such emails rather than using any link or other contact information provided in the email.

Finally, be wary of any email that does not address you directly.

How do I make the payments?

Please click on the buttons against each product or subscription. It will guide you to payment gateway, from where you can follow the instructions and make the payments.

How do I make a complaint?

Getjobsandskills is a first ever Resource and Skill Provisioning platform in the field of RISK MANAGEMENT to addresses the recruitment and upskilling needs of “Corporate Professionals” on one hand and for heeding to the and background due diligence requirements of the “Employers” on the other, thus providing them with verified, capable, and dependable workforce resources. G-Source and G-Skill are the two product lines under Getjobsandskills Job portal. If need be, you can complaint by mailing on sales@getjobsandskills.com or by using the mobile number and address credentials provided on the Job portal.

How should the candidates defend against Job Scams and Job Fraud?

  • All the employers and candidates on Getjobsandskills are verified.
  • Until you have independently verified that the employer and job are legitimate, do not respond to the job posting or email!
  • Independently verify that the employer did post the job on the website.
  • Do not register a resume or set up a profile with external links, unless you know the opportunity is legitimate.
  • Call the employer, using the number you have found by independent search, not the number in the email or job posting, to verify that they really did send the message, if the message looks real but is not from an email address associated with the employer’s domain name.
  • Taking the time to verify the employer will not only save you the time and energy it takes to apply for a job, but it can also save your bank account, identity, and much more.
Verify, Verify and Verify before you trust!

As an Employer, how can we save candidate profiles?

Once you logged in as an employer, you can search for the candidate profile which you feel meets your requirement. This candidate profile can be saved by clicking the button “Save Resume.”

Where can the Employer check the saved resumes?

“Saved Resumes” can be checked in employer dashboard under the navigation “Candidates.”

As an Employer, how will I get the matching resumes for the jobs posted by me?

When you post the job with all the necessary details including the skills for the job, then under the link “Jobs Matching Resumes” in Employer dashboard, you will see the list of candidates whose skills match with the job skills. Lists get automatically populated there; you don’t have to do anything.

As an Employer, how I will get the list of candidates who have applied for the job?

In Employer dashboard, under the link Jobs, there are “Active”, “Inactive”, “Pending” jobs. Under the link “Active Jobs”, there is list of posted jobs, and in the column Actions, for the job, when you will click the first icon, you will be able to view the list of candidates who have applied. From this list you can “Shortlist”, “Review” or “Reject” the candidates.

As an Employer, how I will get the list of candidates who have applied for the job?

In Employer Dashboard, there is link in navigation as “Email Templates.” Here, you can set the email templates.

As an Employer, what is the process of sending email to the candidate?

Go through the list of candidates, as explained in answer to Question “As an Employer, how I will get the list of candidates who have applied for the job?” Under the “Action” column for a particular candidate, click on the first icon, “Take Action.” You can change the status of the job application. If you wish to send email to the candidate, just change the status for the question “Do you want to send email as well?” to “Yes.” The email template will show up, and you can change the details. You are ready to send an email to the candidate.

As an Employer, how do I search the candidates?

First you need to purchase a subscription from the options available under “Search candidates.” After purchasing the subscription, click the link “Search Candidates.”

As an Employer, where can I view the number of resumes that I have downloaded?

Under the navigation “My Subscriptions” you can view the Subscription updates.